Be part of the next big thing after
Uber and Airbnb!

We are building a global website that will change one industry completely and move it online! We are talking about a multi billion dollar industry and the best thing is that you have a chance to be part of it.

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If you are interested in this opportunity and:

have a smartphone or tablet and a computer

have some basic computer skills

like to visit new places
(in your neighborhood or even travel tens of kms)

would like to make up to 900 USD per a max 2-4 hour job

would like to make money just by referring your friends and earn a passive living

This is not an advert to a sales position, you do not have to sell anything, all the tasks (jobs) will be provided by us! The only thing you can do (if you want) is to spread the word online through your social media profiles or by any other means, this allowing you to earn a passive income from all the tasks (jobs) taken by persons you referred to us.

And one more thing, no, this is not MLM, the referral network is simply added to spread the word quicker and letting you earn from all the jobs taken by persons you referred us.

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You will be paid by:

- getting a task when and where you want it (you can keep your full-time job or decide to work full time for us and get as many tasks as you can do it)
- getting a commission after tasks coming through your referral link

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